There are still pros and cons to e-books. Some readers love to read real books, whereas others love to read e-books. There are some reasons why people still love to read actual books compared to e-books.


The first common reason to read real books that e-books are their flexibility. You can read a real book anytime and anywhere you want without considering a battery level. You have to stop reading an e-book if the battery is low. Real books are also flexible because you can do something with them. You can give a highlight, symbol, picture, or anything by only using a pen or pencil. The sensation is different when you are reading an e-book. Your gadget features are limited, so you often can only highlight, bookmark pages, and add notes.


The comfortableness becomes another reason why some readers keep their habit of reading a real book. They can read a real book for a few hours comfortably. On the other hand, the light from the screen reduces the reading comfort. Your eyes can easily get tired and red when you see a screen for a few hours. The worse thing is that you may suffer from vision problems.       

Feel the Paper 

One thing that e-book can’t give is the sensation of touching and smelling papers. This sensation is important for some readers. It seems that readers are happier even before reading the book if they can hold, smell, feel the binding, and flip through pages. The existence of the favourite books is even a crucial matter for book lovers. It seems that they feel calm when they see their favourite books nearby. It doesn’t matter whether they read the book or not. 

No Need to Charge 

Another simplicity that e-books can’t give is free-charging. You don’t need to charge any device only to read a real book. All you need to do is take and open the book. You can read as long as you want. It is different compared to an e-book. You have to charge the device first to give power before reading a book. The reading time is limited based on the battery lifespan. You have to stop reading an e-book once the battery is low or empty even if you still want to read it. 


Real books seem more durable than e-books. You can’t read an e-book if there is a problem with the gadget. Fixing the gadget takes time. There is also a risk that you lose your e-books because of viruses or malware. On the other hand, real books can stand for a few years as long as you treat and store them in the right way.  

The reasons above explain that real books are extinct even with the existence of e-books. You can even do both. You can still read real books while reading e-books sometimes. At least, e-books also have a lot of benefits for readers. It doesn’t matter as long as you can keep reading your favourite books, right?  

Reading real books vs ebook
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