A toxic relationship is not only experienced between partners. It can also be experienced by parents to their children. Going out of a toxic relationship with your partner may be hard, but it may be harder to go out from toxic parents because you are stuck with them for your entire life. That is why children with toxic parents can have a serious mental health problem that affects their productivity as well. 

Be Sure of Yourself 

The first step that you have to do is to be sure about what you want, about what is good and bad for you. Sometimes toxic parents tend to blame you for every little mistake that you have caused. You have to be firm and sure so that you will not be blamed over and over again. Not asking you to be angry and shout, cool down your voice, and say to your parents that you don’t deserve this bad treatment as your parents’ child. 

Heart to Heart with Your Parents 

You can communicate with your parents about your feelings but you have to be careful because toxic parents tend to be very strict and difficult to compromise with. When the situation is just calm, and they are relaxed, you can approach them and talk slowly about your feelings when they treat you that way. About what things make you feel they mistreated you. If you communicate it, maybe you can get an answer on why they treat you badly because sometimes parents do not have any intention to hurt you, sometimes they are just stressing out and they projected it to you in the form of anger or maybe they have mental health that they need to recover. Maybe if you communicate it you both can cool down your egos and listen to each other. 

Make A Deal 

As a child, we should be obedient to our parents. But you should also set your boundaries so your parents would not control you and your life. Because a child and their parents are different individuals. For example, everyone has a dream, your parent should support your dream. They should support you on whatever path that you choose to continue your life. Sometimes, some parents do not support their children’s choices on their productivity. That’s bad. Sometimes toxic parents like that just lead you into the path that they choose you to be. This can have a serious impact on children’s mental health and affects their productivity in their career afterward. Make a deal with your parents that you want to choose this and why. Convince them to understand slowly. Tell them that all you need is their support to make you confident in continuing life. 

Those are the ways on how to deal with your parents when you feel that your parents are the toxic ones. Don’t let them control your life because that will have a serious impact on both your mental health and your productivity. Approach them slowly but surely and then you will have an agreement between your parents and you and the bond with your parents will grow stronger. 

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