The books you read determine who you are. It is the reason why you have to be selective in choosing books you want to read. People who have a lot of money may read many books about finance or how to manage money. The Way Books Shape Your Thoughts and Minds.

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Books Give New Knowledge 

Your thoughts may be different after reading books. The reason is that you get new knowledge from it. Books even change on your previous thoughts. For example, you think that your surroundings are good and it represents the real world. On the other hand, books explain that the world is not always about goodness but also evil. You may think that the government is always right and unbeatable. Some books explain that the government can be wrong and make some mistakes that affect its countries. Some governments are even beat by their citizens. Impressive books will force you to re-think anything. Slowly but sure, those books will change your life and shape your thoughts. 

Books Lead People to Have More Empathy 

You may think that the world seems to be okay at first. After reading some books related to humanity, you will have a different perspective. You think that the world is not okay. Some people are fighting only to defend their opinions. Others are also living in poverty. At a certain point, you seem to connect to other people by only reading books. You start to build empathy in your mind. You have the intention to fix everything better and help the poorer. 

Books Give Valuable Things 

Some of you may learn from books. Yes! Books teach you a lot! Valuable things from books can shape your thoughts. You can be a different person after reading some books. You know the things you must do, or you must not do. Books teach you how to be a friendly or kind person or even how cruel a person is. The content may give you valuable information about the environment’s condition and how to keep it safe. Some of you may also get valuable information that boosts your career.

Books Help To Control Your Emotion 

You can be an emotional person before reading books. Everything may be different after reading some psychological books. The books seem to guide you to control your emotion. Your thoughts are changing after a few months of reading books. You can be a better person with a better emotion. Sometimes, books give you information about how others react to an emotional person, and you can learn from it.  

Books Get You Close To Experts 

A lot of experts write books. These books are powerful enough to change your thoughts. It seems that they talk to you to fix your old-fashion mindset. The content improves your thoughts to a better mindset. People often change their mindset easily because of the information from the experts. Books allow readers to find out valuable information without meeting with the experts face to face. All you have to do is practice the knowledge of the books. Slowly but sure, your thoughts will be different, and you become a new person because of your new mindset.    

The way books shape your thoughts
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