Fake news or hoax is a thoughtful problem in some countries. It gets even worse with the rise of social media. Some accounts post fake news, and social media users share it as their status without considering the truth. Experts believe that literacy becomes one of the solutions to fight against fake news on the internet. 

Read the Complete Article 

Countries with a low literacy level often have high fake news spreading level. It means that the citizens often don’t read the complete article. They only read the title and share it on their social media timeline or status. The more controversial the title, the higher the share number on social media. People who have a higher literacy level will click the link once they see an impressive title. They will read it carefully from the beginning until the end. Then, they will decide whether it is necessary to share the article on their social media status or not. This simple action reduces the spread of fake news significantly. 

Find More Information 

Most media social users are satisfied enough with the information they get from an article. It is a sign that they have a low literacy level. People who have a high literacy level are not satisfied with only one article. They will find other articles or information related to the intended topic and analyze the data. The process leads them to a conclusion whether the article or news is fake or true. You may spend a few hours, days, or even weeks to find complete data for one article only. The good thing is that your chance to share fake news is small. 

Find Information from Trusted Sources 

It is also a problem in countries with a low literacy level. People often don’t care about the source of the article they share. What they care about is the title that may trigger their anger, sadness, or happiness. People with a high literacy level will not do it. Besides reading an article carefully and finding more information to find the truth, they also find the information from trusted sources. Finding information from trusted sources is crucial to confirm that the news or articles are true or fake. The information can be from trusted websites, researches, experts, and others. 

Emotional Management 

Literacy also correlates with your emotions. People who have a high literacy level are often calmer when they see specific viral news or articles, even if it triggers their anger. They don’t share the news once they see the title. They will do the steps above before sharing the news or articles. The point is that that person only shares news or articles that they have confirmed. They still think about benefits to others even if they have confirmed the news. Indeed, it is different compared to people who have a low literacy level. They will directly share news or articles once they read the title and make them angry. They don’t think twice whether they share fake news or not. It seems that the more books someone reads, the calmer he or she is.   

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