An abusive relationship, from the word abusive itself, already has a negative connotation. Abuse of some sort can be determined as complex, and detecting it can be challenging. This is true particularly in the case of emotional abuse, this abusive gesture can affect the mental health of the victim which then also affects their productivity. When you receive a physical assault, there is always visible evidence of the aggression. On the other hand, the abuse in an emotional state can create confusion in the victim’s mind. Here are some signs of an abusive relationship you need to watch out for. 

They Isolate You 

Someone abusive will make their partner isolated from any kind of friendship, it can be both office mates and even your family member. The signs can be like when your phone should be held by them. With them knowing your password to all of your social media, your personal and the social media used for productivity and they can control who you’re going to be friends with or whether you should have any friends or not. They are all around you in every aspect that is possible. 

They Love You Excessively 

At first times, you may feel that they are all crazy about you and would do anything for you and your well-being. They would let you know that that is their true self and that they love you. But then in that love, they slip in some threat like if you are not willing to do as they said that they will do something. They will mock you with words that are inappropriate and apologize sweetly afterward. This is a sign of a mental health problem. It will surely make you confused. 


When you have an abusive partner, they will be overprotective. They will not care about your productivity. All they care about is that you have all the time for themselves. They will call you whenever you are not with them and will get very frustrated if you do not reply or pick up your phone immediately. They will always worry and anxious (again, a sign of mental health problems) about what you do when you are not with them. 

Another sign of overprotectiveness is when jealousy is out of control. Like every history of your social media even calls and messages, are for them to check out. They are worried if you are going to cheat, or that you will reach for your family or close friends about what they do to you. That you receive such an abusive treat from them. 

There is Always Someone to Blame 

Again, a sign of a mental health problem, the feeling that every anger issued is always from another person. If someone is responsible for their anger, it is always another person to be blamed. Because you are their partner, you must be close to them at most times. They will blame you for making them angry when in fact, you did not do anything. 

Those are the signs that are commonly done by the abuser. You need to watch out for yourself. Because receiving those kinds of treats especially from your partner can seriously affect your mental health and productivity. 

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