You may be curious why specific countries such as Korea, Denmark, and Luxembourg look so clean. One of the reasons is its literacy level. Experts explain that the higher the literacy rate of a country, the more discipline the government. So, how can literacy affect people to be more disciplined?

Literacy Develop Their Thought 

People with a high level of literacy rate often have better thoughts. It is because they read a lot and understand something well. Take Denmark as an example. Denmark is known as the cleanest country in the world. This country even becomes the most environmentally friendly country. The government and people care about climate change a lot and work hard to prevent it. As a result, Denmark has good air quality. Citizens must read a lot about climate change, including its impacts, the way to avoid the effects of global warming, and many others. The kinds of literature affect their thought to do something. Now, Denmark feels positive results from their efforts.

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Literacy Makes People Have More Understanding 

As one of the countries that have a high literacy level, Koreans have a good understanding. One of the cases is on road deaths. This country has the least road traffic death. The government understands that they have to provide people with good road infrastructure. On the other hand, the citizen starts to be aware of the traffic signs. They only cross the road in the area where they can do it and when they can do it and can’t do it. Drivers read the rules carefully, and they know the maximal and minimal speed while driving. Koreans can’t do it if they don’t have an impressive literacy level. 

Literacy Triggers People Respect Each Other and the Environment 

New Zealand is known as one of the countries with the lowest pollution level. It is because they read a lot about global warming and environmental pollution. They know the positive and negative impacts of taking care of the environment for their health, comfort, and next generation. As a result, the citizen will throw the garbage in a garbage bin. The government also does something to handle the waste. The companies even create impressive sewage systems that will not harm the environment and people. Countries with a high literacy level often respect others a lot. You can compare the way people who live in a high and low literacy country queue up. People who live in a high literacy country understand the concept of first come first serve well. 

Literacy Makes People Respect Time

The higher the literacy level of a country. The more people respect to time. Swiss is a country with an impressive literacy level. Swiss citizens respect time a lot. People will come on time when they have an appointment.

The point is that literacy level has a relationship with the discipline level. The higher the literacy level, the more neat or disciplined the people. The most important thing is that the country develops significantly. So, the more people who read books, the most super they are.  

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