The way you’re thinking (thinking perspective), your favorite color, and even every decision you made, everything has some connection with your experience. Your experience builds on top of many aspects.

There are so many aspects you can’t control. Like, the environment you are born in, your parent’s educational method, or your gender.

On the other hand, literature is an aspect that you can control, you can choose, although your decision about it is still affected by the aspect you can’t control.

Provide a new perspective

Before growing up as an adult, maybe some of us lucky enough to hear folk stories or fairy tales. We learn so much and very different things about things that we don’t even know.

This is a real example of the effect of literature. The morale behind those stories also counted as a perspective that the literature provided. Since dictate your 3 years old son to not lying maybe not a great idea, you could use ‘wolves story’ to provide perspective on how bad is lying and what problems could bring.

Those stories are one of the literature, and the morale behind it is the perspective and an idea that we use to craft your mind.

The difference between reading and listening in craft your mind

By definition, literature is broadly any collection of written work. But of course, there are some variations, like oral literature (as mentioned earlier).

So, what’s the difference?

When listening to oral literature, the subject is the speaker. The messages and whatever reach you from that literature are depends on the speaker. Intonation, diction, even the expression of the speaker could change what you receive.

Vice versa, when reading written literature, the subject mainly is you (and the writer). Your reading ability, vocabulary, imagination, this is about you. On another side, there is the diction and narration of the writer. So, how much and what you get from the writer is really depends on you.

Literature and Critical Thinking

Literature also forces you to think critically. When you’re listening to or reading literature, you’re face-to-face with different ideologies, ideas, and perspectives.
Just like socialization, but you can meet with people that have died or people that you can’t meet in real-life.

When you’re already used to listening to or reading well-structured literature could help you to think structured too, in other words, thinking in order.

No matter how messed up a book, no matter how evil the ideas it spread, it still has a structure. Of course, I don’t recommend evil’s book or something like that. Read a good one. But the point is to understand that almost all literature has a structure, so no matter how bad the stories, it’s still good for you.

At the end of the day, reading will never hurt you. So find a good one, and fall in love with it.
Have a nice day.

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