Lately, hustle culture is the most heard term in the world of work. Some people think that it is normal and even good. But actually, hustle culture brings bad effects to your life for the long term. If you do not know about this yet, here is all that you need to know about it.

What is Hustle Culture?

It can be said that hustle culture is a lifestyle that encourages people to continuously work, at any time and anywhere. Its simple term is workaholic. Hustle culture is a standard created in society considering that you can reach success if only you really dedicate your life to work as well as work as hard as possible. As it is said before, some people agree with this idea. However, there are no clear limitations or clear lines between personal life and professional life. As the result, you ignore your physical and mental health in order to achieve success.

There is actually nothing wrong if you want to work hard to guarantee your future and your family’s future. But it will negatively affect your life if you cannot enjoy your life and do not have other priorities besides work.

Negative Effects of Hustle Culture

Some negative effects of hustle culture include physical illness, excessive stress, burning out, and many more. It will also make you have no time to care for your personal life. So that you cannot have or maintain good relationships with other people in your life since you do not have enough time for them. Research from Forbes even called hustle culture a wasted culture. It is because whether you work hard without resting or normally work while enjoying your life, the result might be the same. So, why don’t you choose the latter that is clearly better for your life, both in the long term and short term?

It is still possible for you to be a successful person though you take time off of work and enjoy your life.

How to Avoid It

  • Find A Hobby Outside Work

According to New York Times, having spare time to do your hobby or any other activities you love can make your life more balanced. The familiar term is work-life balance. Do not let your work consume your entire time and life. But do not let yourself get relaxed all the time as well. Find a balance point.

  • Do not Compare Yourself with Others on Social Media

As you know, social media is a place where people can show off anything. If you think your friends have a better life, do not compare yourself with them. You have to know that everyone has their own pace. No one is too late and no one is too quick. Everyone has their own timing. Do not create excessive expectations for yourself just because other people have done it.

  • Create Clear Lines

You should know when you have to say no and be brave to say it. You should know when you need to take a break and when you need to work harder to avoid hustle culture.

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